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Application Requirements

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college, university or seminary will be considered for the admission to graduate study in the School of Education by complying with the details outlined. General admission is based on an applicant’s previous academic record as shown by official transcripts of all previous study. The transcript must reflect:
(1) a minimum overall 3.00 GPA (grade point average) or
(2) a minimum 3.00 GPA on the most recent 48 credits or
(3) a minimum overall 2.80 GPA with passing scores on the tests established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Please visit the Student and Academic Services Testing Resourses website for additional testing information.

Candidates are admitted to the Master’s Degree Program for the Leading Teacher Program in PreK-4 through the Graduate Admissions and Advisement Office. After the initial review is completed by the Graduate Admissions office, the applicant is required to meet with the Program Advisor to review the official transcript for the additional state requirements and to review the overall program guidelines.

In addition, to the above degree and GPA requirements, candidates must meet the following state requirements for academic preparation for teachers prior to student teaching.

Prior to the first semester of study:

(1) Obtain the following clearances: Act 33-Child Abuse History, Act 34- Criminal Record Check, Act 114-FBI Clearances and Tuberculin Test.

Prior to student teaching:

(2) At least 6 semester hour credits in college level mathematics.

(3) At least 3 semester hour credits in college level English Composition and 3 semester credit hours in English Literature.

(4) Three (3) semester hour credits in English as a Second Language

(5) Three (3) semester hour credits in Special Education. The other six (6) required credits in Special Education are part of the program of study.



Admission to Candidacy

Students are admitted to candidacy upon successful completion of the following introductory courses and experiences:

(1) GEPK 500 Level 1 Field Experience – 30 hrs.

(2) GEPK 501 Orientation to Leading Teacher Program

(3) GEPK 502 Introduction to Teaching

(4) GILT 535 Instructional Technology PreK-4

(5) GEPK 503 Child Development or prerequisite equivalent

(6) GEPK 504 Theory, Research and Practice in Education

(7) GFDE 554 Social Justice in Educational Settings

(8) GFDE 553 Social Justice Field Experience

Students must demonstrate a 3.0 overall QPA after completion of these courses and passing scores on the required exams established by the Department of Education:    PECT - PreK-4