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Student Affiliates in School Psychology

Welcome to Duquesne University's SASP!

Welcome to Duquesne University's Student Affiliates in School Psychology (SASP) website! SASP is a student organization that is endorsed by the American Psychological Association (APA), Division 16. SASP is designed to facilitate graduate students' professional growth as School Psychologists. The organization provides training experiences, networking opportunities, and variety of community service opportunities. SASP encourages continuing relationships between current students and alumni in order to enhance the graduate student experience. SASP creates a sense of community that increases the positive experiences of graduate school.

SASP also serves as the liaison between students and faculty and provides opportunities to address program concerns and address the needs of the student body. SASP encourages all students to get involved in all opportunities provided by the local chapter. With the variety of activities offered there are many opportunities for students to get involved; whether by attending activities or taking an active role as one of our chairs.

Most importantly SASP is a laid back and fun organization that increases the collegial relationships among current students and alumni. Activities include a speaker series that brings experts on relevant topics in the field of school psychology to speak on campus, community service projects that allow our students to work alongside the community members they will consult and collaborate with professionally, mentorship opportunities for new and experienced students to help extend their personal and professional networks, social events to remind students to slow down and enjoy the journey, and much more!

Program Updates

GOOD LUCK to all the doctoral candidates who are currently applying for internships and have scheduled interviews!!! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kayla Nichols for being elected the convention chair for the 2013 SASP Executive Board! It's so exciting when one of our own becomes involved at the national level. Congrats and good luck Kayla!

THANK YOU to all of the program graduate assistants for all their assistance throughout the year. The student body is very appreciative of everything you all do!

Daniel Wells
Candice Aston
Amanda Conrad
Jenna Hennessey
Chas Albright
Sierra Brown