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Leading Teacher Program

Our Leading Teacher Program is like no other.

Our Leading Teacher Program is the leading-edge Duquesne University curriculum that ensure you're ready to jump in on day one, as a highly qualified, highly effective professional. It's taught by faculty who are leaders themselves. And it's a powerful mindset that sets Duquesne School of Education graduates apart.

Nationally accredited, the Leading Teacher Program meets standards of excellence for teaching in the 21st century. Aspiring teachers are challenged throughout the program to develop expertise and to pursue continuous improvement in areas including learning theories, instructional strategies, curriculum design, and understanding diversity.

Learning and field experiences that reflect themes of leadership, diversity, and technology are infused throughout the Leading Teacher Program.

  • A leading teacher is a lifelong learner inspiring children to pursue continuous improvement and growth.
  • A leading teacher is an advocate, creating learning experiences that demonstrate sensitivity, acknowledging students of all abilities and valuing human differences.
  • A leading teacher is an architect building learning environments that acknowledge and incorporate the power of technology.