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Office of the Dean Staff

Akinci, Fevzi

Fevzi Akinci, Ph.D., MHA
Dean and Acting Department Chair, Health Management Systems

E-mail: akincif@duq.edu

Phone: 412.396.5303

Pam Poletti

Pam Poletti, B.S.P.S.
Assistant to the Dean

E-mail: polettip@duq.edu

Phone: 412.396.5303

Nicole Kocon

Nicole Phillips-Kocon, B.S.P.S.
Director of Budget and Management

E-mail: phillipsn@duq.edu

Phone: 412.396.6225

Deborah Durica

Deborah L. Durica, B.S.P.S.
Director of Student and Alumni Services
Academic Advisor: Speech-Language Patholog

E-mail: durica@duq.edu

Phone: 412.396.5551

Hilf, Chris

Chris Hilf, M.A.
Director of Enrollment Management

E-mail: hilfc@duq.edu

Phone: 412.396.5653

Brenda Simmonds

Brenda Simmonds, M.A.
Academic Advisor: Athletic Training, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

E-mail: simmondsb@duq.edu

Phone: 412.396.5285

306 Health Sciences Building

Jessica Roscoe

Jessica Roscoe, M.Ed
Academic Advisor: Health Management Systems, Physician Assistant Studies and International Linkage Program - China


Phone: 412.396.5534

307 Health Sciences Building

Michelle Leech

Michelle Leech, B.A.

Clinical Contracts Specialist

E-mail:  leechm1@duq.edu

Phone:  412.396.5338

Maria Fischer

Administrative Assistant

E-mail:  fischerm@duq.edu

Phone:  412.396.5637

Main Office Phone Number