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Nicolas Beckas

Student News

August 22, 2011

Duquesne University Occupational Therapy Students Volunteer at National Veteran’s Wheelchair Games in Pittsburgh

On August 3, 2011,   Marla Veschio, our occupational therapy graduate student, led “Team OT @ Duquesne University” to assist with wheelchair to pool transfers for veteran’s with disabilities who were contestants in swimming at the National Veteran’s Olympic Games in Pittsburgh, PA.    Other members of the team were: Alexandria Natal, Alexis Duca, Megan Walkovich, Arienne Cauchie and Kasey Leidy along with Brianna McClintock who is on fieldwork at the local Veteran’s Hospital and Dr. Patricia Crist, professor.

Even the cool air, challenging lifts and long hours in pool did not hamper this team’s ability to cheer on our courageous male and female veteran’s during competitive swim events vets.   Much was learned about wheelchair use, specialty transfers and communication with athletes during adapted sports.  The research leaders from HERL at the University of Pittsburgh explained how these games were their major source for data collection related to sports wheelchair use.  Finally, the time afforded DU OT students the opportunity to work alongside with other community occupational therapists including our own OTR alums who were volunteering at these annual games.


DU OT Team @ the National Veteran’s Wheelchair Games

before the swimming competition began       after hours of pool lifting & competition closed

submitted by Dr. Patricia Crist


April, 2011

Kudos to two groups of 4th year practice-scholar students who were competitively selected to represent the Department and RSHS at the 3rd Annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium, co-sponsored by Academic affairs, the Office of the Provost & the Office of Research on March 30th.

Congratulations to Eileen Johnson & Kelli Clark, OTS's, who won the Phi Kappa Phi Honorable Mention award for their presentation and poster for their qualitative research study, "Wounded Warriors: Challenges, Barriers and Supports"  The research explored  returning war veterans' experiences of community re-integration following their graduation from Shepherd's Heart Veterans Home.  (Less than 20% of the posters were invited to present).

Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Anne Marie Witchger Hansen

Special recognition also goes to Brittany Peshoff & Bryna Smith, OTS's, who discussed their work through their poster depicting their   study, "Impact on Occupational Competence, Values, and Environmental  Adaptations of Late Effects of Cancer Treatment."

Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Patricia Crist

submitted by Dr. Patricia Crist