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Level I Fieldwork

Level I Fieldwork is integral to our program's curriculum design, as it is a key learning experience in both Clinical Reasoning I & Clinical Reasoning II (C.1.8). Level I fieldwork experiences are structured into two 40 hour weeks (FW 1a at the end of the Fall Semester, and FW 1c at the end of the Spring Semester) and in a 15 week community setting (FW 1b) in the Spring semester of their 4th year. Throughout these two courses, fieldwork experiences serve as a "text" for understanding the OT process in different contexts and applying clinical reasoning theory to practice. Students develop basic clinical reasoning skills through observation, participation in practice and reflection on these experiences. Students complete written assignments that combine observation, practice and reflection on completing assessments, setting goals and treatment planning, note writing, re-assessment and discharge planning.

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Level I FW Objectives & Curriculum Philosophy