Applying Knowledge, Developing Skills, Helping Others

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The Clinical Education Program

Students integrate classroom learning into Clinic in the Professional Phase of the program.  The first three semesters of clinical experience take place in the University’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic.  The Clinic provides speech-language pathology and limited audiology services to the greater Pittsburgh area, offering students the opportunity to work with a diverse population, a wide range of communication disorders, across a spectrum of age groups.  Clinical experiences are supervised by Department faculty in accordance with certification standards set by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Grad Year I

  • Fall Semester - SLP 540W  Clinic I Faculty members provide extensive  guidance. Clinical experiences are structured to lay the foundations of clinical practice through the development of clinical skills and competencies.
  • Spring Semester - SLP 541W Clinic II Students assume larger clinical caseloads and are given greater responsibilities for planning and implementing assessment and treatment sessions.
  • Summer Semester - SLP 542 Clinic II:  Students continue gaining experience with different clinical populations, ages, and at varied levels of severity.

Grad Year 2

  • Fall Semester - SLP 543 Clinic IV The first community-based externship experience is usually in a school setting or medical setting.  Students electing teacher certification do their student teaching experience in Fall or Spring semester.  Fall and Spring placements are four days per week.
  • Spring Semester - SLP 544 Clinic V Students participate in off-campus clinical education experiences.  Each semester students spend four full days per week at a clinical site.  These experiences provide students with long-term, comprehensive, and in-depth clinical education.
  • Summer Semester - SLP 545 Clinic VI The third externship placement is three full days per week over the duration of the semester.

Graduates of our program typically greatly exceed the minimum clinical experience standards for clinical practice established by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  In the past, students have averaged 650 hours of clinical experience screening, evaluating, treating, and counseling individuals with communication problems.


Our Educational Model

The Clinical Education Program