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The Child Language Clinic

Diane L. Williams, Ph.D.  Program Director
Lori Marra, M.S.  Clinical Instructor

During development, some children experience difficulty either learning to talk, communicate or use language.  These problems arise from conditions such as autism, Down syndrome and other genetic conditions, or language-learning impairments.  Other children may experience difficulty developing reading and writing skills in the early school years, a situation associated with an underlying language problem.

Who Benefits?

The clinicians of the Child Language Program evaluate and treat children between the ages of birth to 18 years who:

  • Are having difficulty learning language or using their language skills effectively.
  • Have not been previously diagnosed, but are slow at developing spoken language.
  • Are diagnosed as having a language/learning disability, developmental disability, autism, pervasive developmental disability, or a genetic condition such as Down syndrome.
  • Have physical handicaps that interfere with the use of speech for learning language and communication.

Treatment Plans

We develop innovative and customized treatment plans to help children learn to communicate, and use and understand language more effectively.  In addition, parents and caregivers are shown specific techniques and methods that can be incorporated into the child’s daily activities to help them communicate more effectively with their child.