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Religion and Moral Life

The Religion and Moral Life Concentration is designed for students who, whether religious or not, wish to place morality at the heart of their legal study. Students who choose this concentration will consider whether, and how, a lawyer can live a moral life.

Although the aim of the concentration is not primarily to enhance a student's employment prospects, students who complete the concentration will be better equipped to serve in the religious and non-profit sectors as well as to provide representation in all areas of law in which moral and ethical decision-making is especially valued.

Strongly Recommended Courses

Catholic Social Thought and the Law [2]
Law and Religion [2 credits]
Philosophy of Law [2]

Other Courses

Electives: Religious Focus

Canon Law [2]
Faith, Justice and Social Responsibility
Independent Research [1 to 3, paper - with approval]
Introduction to Jewish Law [2]
Islamic Law [3, paper]
Secularism and Religion in the Public Square [2, paper]

Electives: Skills Courses

Alternative Dispute Resolution [2]
Art of Mediation: Theory and Practice [2]
Law and Literature [2 or 3, paper] [will be 3 credits starting in the Spring 2014 semester]

Categories within other courses are provided solely for student guidance and are not intended for any other purpose

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