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The First "Colonial Frontier" Legal Writing Conference
(December 5, 2009)

Engendering Hope in the Legal Writing Classroom: Pedagogy, Curriculum, and Attitude

Presentation Materials
Plenary Session


Engendering Hope” - Prof. Allison D. Martin & Prof. Kevin L. Rand (Indianapolis).  PowerPoint Version
Plenary Follow-Up


The Fruits of Hope: Student Evaluations” - Profs. Julia Glencer, Erin Karsman, Jan M. Levine, & Tara Willke (Duquesne) PowerPoint Version

Critiquing, Feedback, and Grading
If I Had a Hammer: Using Legal Writing Tools to Build Student Confidence” - Prof. Ted Becker (Michigan)
(Stop) Grading Drafts” - Prof. Larry Cunningham (St. John’s)

“Building Trust and Skills by Critiquing Writing” - Prof. Terri Enns (Ohio State)

“Cultivating Enthusiasm: Giving Students Constructive Feedback” - Prof. Emily Zimmerman (Drexel)
Curricular Design and Feedback Mechanisms
"Normalizing Trepidation and Anxiety” - Prof. Johanna Oreskovic & Prof. Christine Pedigo Bartholemew (Buffalo)
Reinforcing Autonomy and Rebuilding Competence in Demoralized Students” - Prof. Sheila Rodriguez (Rutgers-Camden) (PowerPoint Version)

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning” - Prof. Kim Hausbeck (Northern Kentucky) & Prof. P. Camille Lamar (Nova) (PowerPoint Version)

Teacher Training and Perspectives
“It Was the Best of Practice, It Was the Worst of Practice: Moving Effectively from Supervising Attorney to Teacher” - Prof. Sherri Lee Keene (Maryland)
Would You Say That to Your Children?” - Prof. Karin Mika (Cleveland-Marshall) (PowerPoint Version)
Curricular Integration
“Integrating Skills and Substance in the First-Year” - Prof. Jamie Abrams (American)
“‘Looping’ LRW Faculty for a Two-Year Program” - Prof. Mary-Beth Moylan (McGeorge) (PowerPoint Version)
The Human Arts of Lawyering: Developing Moral Discernment Through Client Counseling and Personal Essays” - Prof. Deborah Schmedemann (William Mitchell)
Student Autonomy & Humor


“Autonomy-Support 101: What it Is, How it Motivates Students, and How to Provide it” - Prof. Carol Wallinger (Rutgers-Camden)
“Laughing Matters: Using Humor in the Legal Writing Classroom” - Prof. Shannon M. Moritz (Illinois) & Prof. Nancy Soonpaa (Texas Tech)
Beyond the First-Year and Then Back Again
Before They Even Start: Hope and Incoming 1-Ls” - Dr. Barbara J. Brunner (Penn State Dickinson)
Hope, Again: Teaching Bar Exam Writing” - Prof. Rebecca Cochran (Dayton)
“‘In Role’: Fostering Development of Professional Skills” - Prof. Joan Foley (Touro)

“Student Presentations: Empowering Upper-Level Students” - Prof. Doug Godfrey (Chicago-Kent)

Creating a Community in the LRW Classroom” - Prof. Judy Rosenbaum (Northwestern) (PowerPoint Version)