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Tuition, Fees and Living Costs

School of Law, Academic Year 2014-2015

(per year)

(per year)





     Resident, O/C $11,878 $11,878
     Commuter $1,500 $1,500
BOOKS $1,500 $1,500
PERSONAL $750 $750
TRAVEL $800 $800
$53,348 $44,634
(LL.M. for Foreign Lawyers)
Fees and Housing Costs Above Apply

*Duquesne University reserves the right to change the tuition and fees herein stated at any time without notice.*

Registration is not complete until all requested forms, including official transcripts and photo, have been submitted and tuition fees paid or satisfactory financial agreements have been made for the payment of tuition and fees.

The financial obligation for places reserved by a registered student who does not subsequently attend cannot be canceled unless a written (typed) notification of the decision not to attend is given to the Law School Registrar before the first day of classes.  Notification received on or after the opening day of classes is subject to the official withdrawal policy.

When officially withdrawing from the Duquesne University School of Law on or after the first class day of the semester, a student receives a refund of part of the tuition charged for the semester in accordance with the refund schedule as published in the School of Law Academic Bulletin.  The effective date of withdrawal for determining the percentage of refund will be the date of notification in writing (typed) to the Academic Status Committee, c/o Associate Dean.  The letter or form must be delivered to the Law School Registrar.  This will also be the recorded date of the student’s withdrawal from the Law School.  A student is considered enrolled until he or she gives official notice of withdrawal.

Other fees include: Special or Deferred Examination Fee of $50 payable in advance of authorized special examinations, and Graduation Fee of $150.

Part-time Day Division Tuition is $1,376 per credit.

Current Students

Access the direct link to DORI. Click the Self-Service Banner tab to navigate to student account information. Current students can also access the Student Accounts Office page for information related to ebilling and the collection of accounts.

Financial Aid Contact Information

Financial Aid - Enrollment Management Group
Ground Floor Administration Building
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Email: faoffice@duq.edu
Phone: 412-396-6607
Fax: 412-396-5284

Financial Aid Disbursements
Financial aid disbursements are typically made after the add/drop date each semester. Please see Student Accounts for further information.

Loan Deferment Information
To defer your undergraduate or other graduate student loans, please see Student Accounts for further information.

Book Vouchers
To purchase books from the University Bookstore prior to receiving your financial aid disbursement, please consult with Student Accounts.