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Judicial Clerkships

Federal and State Judicial Clerkships

Students who are interested in judicial clerkships should become familiar with the application processes for the federal and state judiciaries. In previous years, many federal judges followed a hiring plan that provided an application deadline for post-graduation clerkships. However, the federal hiring plan no longer exists. Interested students should familiarize themselves with for additional information. It is recommended that candidates apply no later than the summer preceding their final year of law school.

The state judiciary in Pennsylvania does not follow a hiring plan, but it is recommended that candidates applying for clerkships with the appellate or trial courts apply during the summer preceding their final year of law school.

The Career Services Office sponsors information sessions about judicial clerkships throughout the academic year. Learn about these programs and read more about various court application processes on DuqLawConnect (under the Shortcuts section) and on the Common Plea blog.

Pursuing a Clerkship?

Notify us if you are pursuing federal or state clerkships.


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