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Alumni Mentor Program- Student Participation Form

The Duquesne University School of Law Career Services Office, in conjunction with the Law School Alumni Relations Office, is re-launching its Alumni Mentor Program. The Program is designed to match an alumnus as a mentor to a law student, and to make available in the CSO an Alumni Mentor Directory which students may use to contact participating alumni for advice.

The purpose of the Mentor Program is to allow participating law students to acquire information about a specific area of law in which they are interested from an alumnus who has relevant experience in that area. Additionally, the Mentor Program is intended to assist graduating students in gathering information about a particular geographic region, the overall job market, or daily practice.

If you are interested in having a Mentor, please complete the following form. The Career Services Office will use this information to match you with an Alumni Mentor. Once you are matched, the CSO will contact you with information about your mentor and the Program.

Division at Duquesne Law School: Day Student Evening Student Part-time Day

Type of employment that interests you:

Solo Practice
Government agency
In-house counsel
Alternative career
Small firm (up to 12)
Medium firm (12-40)
Large firm (over 40)
Public Interest

What you would like to know from a practicing attorney:

I understand that the Alumni Mentor Program is designed for the sole purpose of career mentorship. I understand the Program may not be used for job searching.