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Pro Bono Program - Duquesne University School of Law


If you are interested in participating in Duquesne Law's Pro Bono Program, there are a few different avenues you can take, depending on the amount of time that you have.

Why You Should Volunteer Your Time:

  • Gain invaluable hands-on experience
  • Become educated in different areas of law
  • Network with attorneys in the community who are committed to public interest legal work.

Once a Duquesne Law student has completed and documented 30 hours of pro bono service, that student will receive a certificate of recognition for their pro bono achievement as well as a notation in the graduation program.


  • A student's work must be unpaid
  • Not be used for academic credit
  • Work completed must be law-related
  • Supervised by a licensed attorney, and
  • Documented by timesheets signed by the supervising attorney.

Forms to be filled out by the student in conjunction with work on a pro bono project:

Interning for a public interest organization:

There are many public interest organizations that are in need of student volunteers. A list of current public interest organizations is on file. If you are interested, simply fill out the Placement Preference Form and either return to the Pro Bono Program Office or email to probonolaw@duq.edu. The student coordinator will assist you in applying to the organization(s).

Attorney/Student Pro Bono Projects:

Private attorneys who take on pro bono cases often need help with their work. They can request a student's services through our program. These projects will more likely be focused on a specific case and area; therefore, they tend to be shorter in duration than working for a public interest organization.

If you would like to work on a pro bono project, you can let us know your availability and the areas of law you would be interested in working. We could then find projects for you based on your needs and interests. If we do approach you and your schedule does not work with the project, then please do not feel pressured to take on the project.

Fill out a preference form for working with private attorneys and return it to the Pro Bono Program Office or email to probonolaw@duq.edu. The student coordinator will contact you according to your indicated interests and time preferences.