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Collaborative Study Rooms

LED Screens available in all Study Rooms

The Center recently upgraded and improved the technology resources available in the Study Rooms. We are excited to share the details of the numerous upgrades in the facilities available to Duquesne Law students and faculty. Please do not hesitate to contact us, or consult your Personal Law Librarian (PLL) about these powerful new assets available to you. Collaborative learning environments are at the forefront of higher education IT resources. The Center strives to provide students and faculty with these leading edge tools to enhance your law school scholarship, and foster valuable presentation experience that can be utilized in the workplace. The Center is promoting collaborative learning technology by installing 55" LED high definition monitors, which are now available in each of the Study Rooms. The recent advancements are the product of much planning and work by DCLI and the Law School IT Department.

HDMI Cables

The IT Department placed cables on reserve to be used with the new monitors installed in the study room. Students can use the cables to connect their laptop, iPad, iPhone, or any other device that has an HMDI connection. Barcodes have been attached to each cable, and they can be checked-out from the DCLI Service Center Desk, like a study room key, for two hour periods. Our Student Assistants will be happy to retrieve the cables, which are located in the Reserve Room, clearly labeled "HDMI CABLES".

Here's how the cables are listed in SOLCAT:

PROF/TA: Driscoll, Chris, Sparks, Cameron, Power, Dayna (School of Law IT Department)

COURSE: HDMI Connection Cables for Monitors in Study Rooms (From IT Department)

COUR NOTE: The Center features:

  • 10 private group study rooms, furnished with 55" flat screen monitor with a laptop and mobile device connection
  • Collaboration tables accompany the HD monitors and allow students to share the screen and collaborate on group projects
  • IT Cables to be checked-out from Service Center Desk for use with the HD Monitors in the Study Rooms

PHOTO: Collaborative Study Room G8

Broughton Lab added to Collaborative Study Rooms

Broughton Lab, located in Room G-1 of the Center, can also be used for collaborative study purposes and meetings. The Center has been updated with new computers on all three floors of the Law Library, including Broughton Lab on the Ground Floor, and Room 118. All computers are equipped with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2013.

PHOTO: Broughton Lab's HD monitor, conference table, and computing facilities and updated collaborative study space

New Conference Room in DCLI

The Center recently renovated Room G-1A, which is now a Collaborative Learning Space, can be used for seminars, conferences, or as a Study Room. Please inquire at the Service Center Desk if you would like to use this room.

PHOTO: Collaborative Learning Environment in Room G-1A