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Legal Research Guides by Subject - Adjudication: The Judicial Process

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K201-K237   Jurisprudence - Theory and Philosophy of Law
K321-K350   Schools of Legal Theory
K588   Common Law
KF379-KF382    Jurisprudence and Philosophy of American Law
KF394-KF395   Common Law in the United States
KF425   Statutory Construction and Interpretation
KF8939-KF8940   Civil Law - Burdon of Proof
KF9050   Civil Procedure - Appellate Procedure
KF9660   Criminal Law - Evidence - Burdon of Proof
KF9690   Criminal Procedure - Appellate Procedure

Websites and Legal Research Databases

DCLI Webpage Links

  • Primary Legal Research: Case Law, Statutory Law, Administrative Law, Constitutions (contains quick links to our statutes, our administrative codes, federal and state case law and our constitutions)

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