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Legal Research Guides by Subject - Comparative Law: Europe

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KJ2-KJ2000 History of Law (Europe)
KJC2-KJC9799 Regional Comparative and Uniform Law (Europe)
KJE5-KJE9570 Regional Organization and Integration (Europe)
KJG1-KJG4999 Law of Albania
KJH1-KJH499 Law of Andorra
KJJ1-KJJ4999 Law of Austria
KJK1-KJK5299 Law of Belgium
KJK8001-KJK8699 Law of Bosnia and Hercegovina
KJM1-KJM4999 Law of Bulgaria
KJM7001-KJM7505 Law of Croatia
KJN1-KJN499 Law of Cyprus
KJP1-KJP4999 Law of Czechoslovakia
KJP5401-KJP5990 Law of Czech Republic
KJQ1-KJQ499 Law of Slovakia
KJR1-KJR4999 Law of Denmark
KJS1-KJS4999 Law of Estonia
KJT1-KJT4999 Law of Finland
KKE1-KKE4999 Law of Greece
KKF1-KKF4999 Law of Hungary
KKG1-KKG499 Law of Iceland
KKH1-KKH9860 Law of Italy
KKH9901-KKH9999 Law of Kosovo
KKI1-KKI4999 Law of Latvia
KKJ1-KKJ499 Law of Liechtenstein
KKJ5001-KKJ9999 Law of Lithuania
KKK1-KKK499 Law of Luxembourg
KKK501-KKK999 Law of Macedonia
KKK1001-KKK1499 Law of Malta
KKL1-KKL499 Law of Monaco
KKL1001-KKL1499 Law of Montenegro
KKM1-KKM4999 Law of Netherlands
KKN1-KKN4999 Law of Norway
KKP1-KKP4999 Law of Poland
KKQ1-KKQ4999 Law of Portugal
KKR1-KKR4999 Law of Romania
KKS1-KKS499 Law of San Marino
KKS1001-KKS1499 Law of Serbia
KKS3001-KKS3499 Law of Serbia and Montenegro
KKS6001-KKS6499 Law of Slovenia
KKT1-KKT9860 Law of Spain
KKV1-KKV4999 Law of Sweden
KKW1-KKW9990 Law of Switzerland
KKX1-KKX4999 Law of Turkey
KKY1-KKY4999 Law of Ukraine
KKZ1-KKZ6990 Law of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro

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Created 2-20-2013
Patricia Horvath