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Legal Research Guides by Subject - Employment Rights of the Individual Worker

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KF3455-KF3478 Employment and Dismissal
KF3478-KF3505 Wages - Minimum Wage
KF3509-KF3519 Nonwage Payments - Fringe Benefits
KF3525-KF3528 Hours of Labor - Night Work
KF3531 Vacations - Holidays
KF3532 Sick Leave
KF3540-KF3544 Labor Discipline
KF3550-KF3575 Protection of labor - Labor Hygiene and Safety
KF3611-KF3632 Workers' Compensation
KF3641-KF3664 Social Security
KF3671-KF3680 Unemployment Insurance

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created 10/17/2012
Patricia Horvath