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Legal Research Guides by Course - Forensic Sciences

Course Description

The effective lawyer must be an expert at gathering, assessing and presenting significant information.  This course will examine the uses of scientific information in the law with a particular emphasis on civil and criminal litigation.  Topics covered will include the law of scientific evidence; statistical proof; and the types of forensic expertise including epidemiology, questioned document examination; DNA; trace evidence analysis; arson investigation; tool marks; bite marks and fingerprints.  (2 credits)  Paper

Subject Covered Presently in Collection by:

Print Collection

HV8073-HV8079   Investigation of Crime  
KF8936   Trial Evidence – Special Topics
KF8961-KF8967   Civil Evidence - Expert Evidence
KF9377   Arson
KF9666.5   DNA Fingerprinting
KF9674   Criminal Evidence – Expert Evidence
RA1001-RA1171   Forensic Medicine – Medical Jurisprudence – Legal Medicine

Legal Research Databases

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  • Primary Legal Research: Case Law, Statutory Law, Administrative Law (contains quick links to our federal and state statutes, our federal and state administrative codes, and federal and state case law)