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Legal Research Guides - Law and Religion

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BL1-BL2790   Religions – Mythology – Rationalism
BM1-BM990   Judaism
BP1-BP610   Islam
BQ1-BQ9800   Buddhism
BR1-BR1725   Christianity
BS1-BS2970   The Bible
BT10-BT1480   Doctrinal Theology
BV1-BV5099   Practical Theology
BX1-BX9999   Christian Denominations
KB1-KB4855   Religious Law in General
KBM1-KBM4855   Jewish Law
KBP1-KBP4860   Islamic Law
KBR2-KBR4090   History of Canon Law
KBU2-KBU4820   Law of the Roman Catholic Church
KF4783   Freedom of Religion and of Conscience
KF4865-KF4869   Church and State

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  • Primary Legal Research: Case Law, Statutory Law, Administrative Law (contains quick links to our federal and state statutes, our federal and state administrative codes, and federal and state case law)
  • Legal Research Guides: Law and Religion

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