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Legal Research Guides by Course - Administrative Law

Course Description

This course exams all aspects of the federal administrative process with special emphasis upon constitutional concepts.  Topics covered include: agency powers, delegation, rule making, right to a hearing, judicial review, and agency hearing processes and controlling agency discretion.  (3 credits)

Faculty Who Teach This Course

Subject Covered Presently in Collection by:

Print Collection

K3400-K3412 Administrative Law

KF382 Rule of Law

KF4565-KF4579  Separation of Powers - Delegation of powers

KF4600-KF4629  Structure of government

KF5401-KF5425 Administrative organization and procedure

KF8734 Rulemaking power of courts

KF8975 Right to jury trial

Legal Research Databases

CALI - Administrative Law

Hein Online

Legal Scholarship Network

Proquest Congressional

LLMC Digital


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Jurist - Legal Research - Law Guides - Administrative Law
Administrative Law (hg.org)
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Administrative Law Prof Blog
Administrative Law Review (American University Washington College of Law)
Administrative Law Research Tutorial (Georgetown)
Administrative Law (FindLaw)
Administrative Law Guide (Law Library of Congress Research Help)
Agency Powers & the Constitution
 A Guide to the Rulemaking Process (Office of the Federal Register)
Rulemaking Blog
Judicial Review and the Supreme Court (Exploring Constitutional Conflicts - UMKC)
Judicial Review (LII)
Judicial Review (FindLaw)

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 This Course is Listed Under the Following Law School Concentrations:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Energy & Environmental Law
  • Government & Public Interest Law
  • Health Law & Science
  • Labor and Employment Law


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