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Legal Research Guides by Course - Admiralty

Course Description

This course explores the complexities of determining whether a case is within the admiralty jurisdiction and the often case-resolving consequence of that determination. It also explores maritime lien law, actions in rem and quasi in rem, the law of maritime industrial accidents and several uniquely maritime proceedings, such as complaint to limit liability, claims for salvage awards and general average. The course provides an overview of a unique body of comprehensive laws that govern every aspect of navigation on the lakes and rivers of the U.S. and upon the high seas. (2 credits) Paper.

Faculty Who Teach This Course

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Print Collection

JX4408-JX4449 Jurisdiction over the high seas
K1151-K1231 Comparative law. Maritime Law.
KF299.M37 Maritime Lawyers
KF1096-KF1137 Maritime Law
KF2531-KF2654 Water Transportation. Navigation and Shipping
KF5627 Shore protection
KFP520-KFP531 Pennsylvania Water Transportation. Navigation and Shipping
KZA1002-KZA5205 Law of the Seas

Legal Research Databases

Maritime Lien Law
Salvage Law
Laws of the Rivers and Lakes in the United States
Pennsylvania Boating Laws
Federal Agencies
Maritime Organizations

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