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Legal Research Guides by Course - Environmental Law

Course Description

This course covers various aspects of the interrelated legal, economic, and technological problems of environmental quality control.  An overview of federal law’s response to air and water pollution, waste management issues, and natural resources conservation is provided.  (2 credits)

Faculty Who Teach This Course

  • Kevin J. Garber, Esq. (adjunct professor)
  • Jean Mosites, Esq. (adjunct professor)

Subject Covered Presently in Collection by:

Print Collection

KF869.5.E54   Environmental Protection Agency – Government Contracts
KF1298-KF1299   Torts - Environmental Damages
KF3775-KF3776   Environmental Law – General
KF3786-KF3794   Water Pollution
KF3812   Air Pollution
KF3975-KF3977   Fire Prevention and Control
KF4987.E57   Congress – Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
KF5505-KF5510   Conservation of Natural Resources
KF5551-KF5590   Water Resources – Watersheds, Rivers, Lakes, Water Courses
KF5594   Weather Control
KF5630-KF5638   National Preserves
KF5640-KF5645   Wildlife Protection
KFP354-KFP359   Pennsylvania Environmental Pollution Law
KFP381   Pennsylvania Fire Prevention
KFP443   Pennsylvania Conservation Laws
KFP446-KFP449   Pennsylvania Water Resources – Watersheds, Rivers, Lakes, Water Courses
KFP449.5   Pennsylvania Weather Control
KFP451-KFP453   Pennsylvania Public Land Law

Legal Research Databases

Gumberg Databases
DCLI Webpage Links
  • Primary Legal Research: Case Law, Statutory Law, Administrative Law (contains quick links to our federal and state statutes, our federal and state administrative codes, and federal and state case law)
  • Legal Research Guides:  Environmental Law

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Patricia Horvath