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Legal Research Guides by Course - Technology Innovation Law

Course Description

This course introduces students to the legal issues and frameworks that affect knowledge- and technology-intensive industries, both of which increasingly account for a substantial portion of regional, national, and global GDP. Topics covered include technology transfer and the business of technology innovation; licensing law; commercialization of university technologies; employer/employee interests in intellectual property; experimental uses of new technologies; as well as antitrust, bankruptcy, finance, and tax considerations related to the aforementioned activities. A technical background I not required to take the course. (3 credits)

Subject Covered Presently in Collection by:

Print Collection

KF195.S43 Technology and the Law
KF3133.B56 Biotechnology Invention (Patent Law)
KF3145 Licenses - Compulsory licenses (Patent Law)
T173.8 Technological Innovations
T174 Technological Forecasting
T174.3 Technology Transfer
T201-T212 Patents

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  • Primary Legal Research: Case Law, Statutory Law, Administrative Law (contains quick links to our federal and state statutes, our federal and state administrative codes, and federal and state case law)
  • Legal Research Guides: Intellectual Property

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  • Intellectual Property


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