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Joint Degree Programs

Any student who has matriculated into a Law School-approved Joint Degree Program is required to register and complete the first year of study, exclusively, at the School of Law.  Students may not matriculate into a joint degree program without the advance approval of the Academic Status Committee.  These requests must be typed (email and fax requests are unacceptable) and delivered to the Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Joint degree candidates in the day division must be registered for a minimum of 10 Law School credits and those in the evening or part-time division must be registered for a minimum of 8 Law School credits to maintain residency.

Evening and part-time day students who are enrolled in a joint degree program may begin their outside graduate study during the summer following the conclusion of their first year at the Law School, and may not take any further outside graduate courses until they have completed their second year of study at the Law School.

Any student who has substantially completed the requirements for a degree in another school or department of the Univesity with which the School of Law has a joint degree program may not register as a joint degree candidate.

The Law School Registrar must receive a copy of any Joint Degree Program student's acceptance letter into the non-Juris Doctor program.

In order to transfer credits for the joint degree to the School of Law, it is the responsibility of the student to request that an official transcript from the University Registrar be mailed to the Law School Registrar's Office.  Joint degree students must also inform the Law School Registrar which courses are to be transferred to the Law School.  The Law School does not accept any core courses for transfer credits.  Joint degree credits are considered non-classroom credits.