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Exciting Field Trips and Optional Weekend Trip

City of Beijing

  • Beijing provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to meet people from across all China’s provinces which aids in the understanding of China’s laws and legal system.
  • Students are free to explore the City of Beijing, to walk the city’s historic streets and neighborhoods, and meet its citizens in the afternoons and on weekends.  CUPL’s downtown campus is within a short commute of Tiananmen Square, the Great Hall of the People, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.
  • Scheduled sightseeing tours, including the Great Wall, are included.

Visit to Beijing Law Firm

  • To understand a nation's laws and its legal system, it is necessary to understand its people.  Beijing, the magnet city that draws people from all of China's provinces, provides an unparalleled opportunity to "experience" this vast and diverse nation.
  • The practice of law in the P.R.C. is as much about navigating the maize of often conflicting governmental regulations, and knowing where and how to obtain the required approvals, as it is about substantive rules.  Exposure to P.R.C. lawyers skilled in obtaining the required approvals provides students with a unique opportunity to see the distinction between the written law and its application.

Visit to Beijing's People's District Court

  • Students will observe a trial in one of the People's District Courts in Beijing.

Trip to Xi’An

  • Students may also visit the city of Xi’an to tour the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum. These statues were discovered in 1974 when a group of peasants unearthed fragments of a life-sized Terra Cotta Warrior.  Further excavation of the vault has revealed thousands of warriors and their horses with an entire army of warriors designed to follow the emperor into eternity.
  • Included in this trip is the Tang Dynasty Music & Dance Show, a trip to the historic Bell Tower and Wild Goose Pagoda.
  • The costs for this additional field trip are not included in the tuition and fees.  The estimated costs will be approximately $450, all-inclusive.

Trip to Shanghai

  • A tour to the world-famous Chinese financial center may be arranged.  This tour would include major attractions in the city, e.g., The New Bund, the Bund Cruise Sightseeing Tour, the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower, Shanghai Art Museum, Yu Garden, etc.
  • The costs for this additional field trip are not included in the tuition and fees and are estimated at $600, all-inclusive.

Students Sightsee with Prof. Liu