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Laptop Exams: Preliminary Computer Maintenance

ALL New and Returning students are required to perform the following maintenance on their computers prior to installing the ExamSoft/SofTest software and EACH SEMESTER before taking any laptop exams:


  • Ensure that your laptop meets the minimum requirements found at https://www.examsoft.com/duqThe Law School IT department will only support Windows 7 and above or MAC OS x10.6 and higher.  XP and Vista systems are no longer supported.  Ipads are not supported at this time.

  • NEW Fall 2013!  The newest ExamSoft v.11 must run in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for Windows users.  Check that these browsers are on your laptop and are up to date.  
  • Adjust your Power Management Schemes to "Never" and do not enable Hibernate. See Power Management for instructions.

  • Ensure that the latest virus software updates and definitions are installed and have been run.  

    Learn how to turn this software OFF and ON.

  • Ensure that the latest High Priority updates for Microsoft Windows have been installed.
  • Ensure that the laptop’s hard disk is working properly by performing hard disk optimization or defragmentation check
  • Ensure that the power cord is in good working condition and the laptop battery is fully charged.
  • Ensure that the computer is configured for the DuqNet wireless network.  Students are responsible for configuring DuqNet on their own computers.  This will need done each time you change your Multipass Password (about every 90 days) Follow http://duq.edu/about/campus/computers-and-technology/network/duqnet-wireless-overview for instructions.  Please contact the CTS HelpDesk if you have questions with the wireless setup or wireless connection (412-396-4357)
  • Updates to SofTest for returning students happen automatically in the background.  All New Students must read and perform the steps for Softest Installation & Registration. Note: students found it helpful to follow these steps on a second computer at home or a public machine in the Law Library.  Limited printed copies are available in the Law Library.
  • Ensure that emails from powerd@duq.edu and support@examsoft.com do not go to a junk or spam folder.
  • Remove any unused exam SofTest files: Open the software and press,  PC users CTLR/F3    MAC users   CMD/F3 or Fn/CMD/F3,  select the file you wish to remove and click on "Clear Dowloaded Exams".

Additional support can be found on the ExamSoft web site at www.support.examsoft.com or calling Exam Taker Support (866) 429-8889

    The maintenance outlined above will help ensure that the computer is in good general working order. It will also help prevent any problems while you are taking an exam.  

    Start Early and DO NOT SKIP these maintenance steps each semester!