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SofTest Installation Verification Form


Please retype this information in the SofTest Practice exam Question 1 area:              rev. 3/17/14

Duquesne University 
The School of Law

Answer 1:

SofTest Installation Verification

Name: (please type your name here)

Email address: (please type your email address here)

Phone: (please type phone we can use to reach you in case of a problem with your exam).

Year: (please type your year, for example 1D, 3PT, 4E, etc)


I have installed the ExamSoft/SofTest software and taken a practice exam.

If I have any doubts about my laptop's reliability, I will plan to write my exam. I understand that if my laptop fails during the exam, I will complete my exam in a bluebook. Extra time will not be permitted when attempting to resolve the computer problems during the exam. The Duquesne University School of Law will not provide technical support for computer problems encountered on the day of the exam. After the exam is completed, I understand that an attempt will be made to retrieve any incomplete exam answers from the student's hard drive.
If the incomplete exam cannot be retrieved within 24 hours the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Law School Registrar, in consultation with the instructor, will determine remedial options, if any.

Signature: (please type your name here)


Answer 2:

Acknowledgment of Notice of Academic Misconduct Policy:

All collaboration or giving or receiving of academic aid while taking an examination is prohibited unless it has been specifically authorized by the faculty member or by another person in authority.  Communications about an examination between a person who has already taken that examination and a person who has not yet taken that examination is strictly prohibited. See the Duquesne University School of Law Student Disciplinary Code.

Required Signature: (please type your name here)