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Taking Laptop Exams

    Watch Taking Practice Exams


    Follow these steps to complete the Practice Exam  -  

    Note: Students have found it helpful to follow these steps while connected to a second computer at home or a public computer in the Law Library or PC Lab.

    1. Change your Power Management settings and turn OFF your Virus protection software.  

    2.  Print out or have available on your cell phone the SofTest Installation Verification Form BEFORE you begin the SofTest software.   This is the text you will retype as your practice exam.  Please fill in ALL requested information.  It is used to contact you should there be a problem during the exam period. Do not submit junk text or a blank page.  This wll not qualify.

    3.  Follow the Taking Exams Instructions.  READ STEP 6 CAREFULLY.  The Practice Exam opens to a blank page.  Retype the Softest Installation Verification Form.  Use this time to practice the basic typing formats like headings and paragraphs.

    4.  Reset your Power Management settings and turn ON your Virus Protection software.

    WARNING:  SofTest will not permit you to upload your Practice Test beyond the deadline stated on the Timeline page.  You must report any difficulties to Law School IT members BEFORE the deadline.  Do Not Start Late.  Computer problems are not accepted as excuses.

     If you experience problems during the software installation or during the practice exam, please contact Cameron Sparks (412-396-1059) or Dayna Power (412-396-1536).   If the law school staff is unable to resolve the problem, they will contact the vendor.  If your problem cannot be resolved, you will be required to write your exam into a Blue Book.

    Follow These steps to complete a Real Exam - 

    1. Change your Power Management settings and turn OFF your Virus Protection software. 

    2. Follow the Taking Exams Instructions  .  Proctors will hand out the questions.  Do not type "Begin" before being instructed to do so.  Exams can not be reopened.  All laptop exams open to a blank page. Remember that your answers are being saved every 60 seconds.  Do not leave the testing area without receiving the GREEN Congratulations screen.

    During a proctored exam, NEVER use your laptop to check notes or access the internet 

    3. Delays may be experienced at the end of an exam because multiple students are trying to access the internet/Examsoft servers at the same time. (Including students from other schools/states.)
            A.  Pack up your area and turn in your materials to the proctor while the laptop tries to reconnect to the internet.  This can take up to 5 mins
            B.  If you still have not received the GREEN Congratulations screen and an email confirmation, move the laptop to room 304.  
                 The laptop may need to be restarted.

             Remember that your files have been backed up every 60 seconds to your hard drive and your text is protected.  Upload issues will not change these files.

    4. Reset your Power Management settings and turn ON your Virus protection software.