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In addition to the requirements posted for all Duquesne University students, the application process for international students also requires:Photograph of a graduating student and a relative

  1. Official (iBT) TOEFL scores that are current within one year. Please review Duquesne University's English Language Proficiency requirements. Total Internet-based TOEFL scores must be at least 80 or greater for admission to a SLPA graduate program.
  2. Duquesne University Affidavit of Support Form completed in full and an official bank statement. The Affidavit of Support form is a legal document that must be completed and notarized. The bank statement must be from your sponsor and show at least one full year of costs. Estimates of costs for the academic year are available from the Office of International Programs.  (Waived if you plan to study entirely online)
  3. Mandatory International Student Form (Waived if you plan to study entirely online)

Still Have Questions?

Please contact Vlada Kohane at call 800.283.3853 or email