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Testimonials - Professional Coaching

Read How Graduates are Praising Duquesne University's PCCP program!

Worth the travel and investment . . . 

"I commuted from Texas to participate in the on-campus sessions. A large percentage of the cohort can also be taken remotely via telecommuting.

While I hesitate to monetize the value of this program and what it has done for me both personally and professionally, it has been worth every dime!  This program is amazing and I would be happy to share some of my experiences."

Matthew Spilman
Founder, Solare Coaching Systems

Equipped to help my executive clients develop an "Ignited Life"...

"The program will provide the coaching tools you need to develop your skills and generate client satisfaction.  After comparing the course content to other curricula, it is easy to see why Duquesne University was the winner.  The basic foundation of the program, the Co-Active Coaching Model, can be used in many areas of coaching including life, executive, leadership and career coaching.

Knowing that I am equipped to help my executive clients develop an “Ignited Life” – one of fulfillment and balance, comes from the strong instructor support and confidence each has provided.  Donna is always able to answer questions, provide real coaching examples and insightful ways to make you visible to the market."

John Sipple
Founder, Ignite Coaching and Business Consulting

Highly recommend this program for individuals who want a comprehensive coaching training…

"It was my pleasure and honor participating in the first Duquesne University coaching program.  I would like to begin with thanking our faculty, who were experienced, committed and attentive to all our needs, academic and personal.  I felt that their vast experience in coaching and teaching together with a true attempt to share knowledge and experience enabled me to capture the understanding of the coaching profession.

It was very interesting and helpful having not only one facilitator, but a team who  demonstrated different coaching styles and personalities and I could experience through this differentiation a variety of ways to coach and discovering what works for me and what style of coaching I aspire to. 

Another helpful thing was the way the course was conducted- in-class meetings, triads practicing on the phone, web live classroom and individual supervision.  The in-class meetings enabled us to practice with each other every new skill we learned, while receiving feedback and having an opportunity to see our faculty and peers coach. In addition we could practice coaching on the phone with our pod mates and receive their feedback. This appeared to be a very important tool for me, since I am an international student and intend to work for a multicultural company and coach people from different countries by phone. It surprised me how powerful coaching through the phone could be! 

And last- I learned so much from the individual supervision sessions. It gave me an opportunity to receive a feedback from my real coaching experience, assisting me to better utilize the skills I learned and help me realize my strengths and areas of improvement.

To summarize my experience: The combination of a highly professional approach, experienced and committed faculty, extensive practicing  and  supervision , together with practical tools for opening a coaching business  brings me to highly recommend this program for individuals who want a comprehensive coaching training which is given in a supportive and sensitive manner."

Michal Nachmany
VP of Human Resources and an International student from Israel