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Sports Leadership Certificate

Certificate Program Overview

Are you passionate about the sports industry? Do you want to take the next step in advancing your career? Do you need to test the waters before committing to a master's program? At Duquesne University's School of Leadership and Professional Advancement, you can obtain a post-baccalaureate certificate in Sports Leadership entirely online. You'll become part of a peer learning network in courses taught by highly-experienced academic and industry experts, all while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the sports industry.

Sports Certificate Core Focuses

The Sports Leadership certificate program provides a well-rounded framework for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and abilities in and of various areas of the sports industry. The program consists of 6 courses, each selected from the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement's Sports Leadership Master's program:

  • Strategic Sales Management and Negotiation - As a primer for learning to operate sports organizations, the course provides students with insight into planning and organizing sports-related companies. Organizations such as marketing companies, major retailers and sports venues are all potential places that sports managers could find themselves and therefore must understand the workings of such places.
  • Legal Issues for Leadership in Sports - Various regulations govern the sporting industry. In a course devoted to explaining the regulatory side of the industry, students will learn about such concepts as collective bargaining agreements, licensing issues and royalties.
  • Competitive Intelligence - Sports marketing initiatives require careful consideration and research. In this course, students learn how management approaches marketing and its associated research, including target market selection and demographics, product design, promotional efforts and product pricing. Specific research methods are discussed, including qualitative and quantitative methods and sampling.
  • Business Ethics in Sports - Ethical issues are inherent in any industry. The course will explore those external forces, including those of a social, economic or technological nature, that present challenges in the sports industry.
  • Strategic Sports Marketing - Beyond simple marketing research, this course will provide the opportunity for students to understand the overall sports marketing process, including insight into specific techniques and promotional strategies. Various topics to be covered include the basic marketing mix, interactive promotion, value-added marketing and promotion, as well as additional industry-specific concepts.
  • Business of Sports Media - Media plays an important role in the sports industry. This course covers the primary considerations managers deal with when interacting with the media.

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