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Contacts and Information

Looking for answers or additional information? Here is a list of some of the Duquesne Faculty and Staff available to help you.

School of Leadership and Professional Advancement

Photograph of the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement staff705 Libermann Hall
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282   USA
Fax: 412.396.5072

Campus Map and Directions

Phone:  412.396.5600 or 800.283.3853


Office of the Dean
Dorothy Bassett, Dean 412.396.2141 bassettd@duq.edu
Student Services
Marianne Leister, Director Student Services 412.396.4933 leister@duq.edu
Kathy Rebholz, Academic Advisor 412.396.5558 rebholz@duq.edu
Military Programs
Don Accamando, Director 412.396.5366 accamandod@duq.edu
Ann Martin, Academic Advisor 412.396.4435 martina@duq.edu
Professional Coach Certification Program
Sonia Layne-Gartside 412.396.5602 laynegartsides@duq.edu
Coleen Wierzchowski 412.396.5600 wierzcho@duq.edu
Executive Certificate in Financial Planning
Erroline Williams 412.396.5631 williamse976@duq.edu
Center for Leadership Development
Erroline Williams 412.396.5631 williamse976@duq.edu
Outreach and Enrollment
Megan Carone 412.396.4436 caronem@duq.edu
Faculty Directory
School of Leadership Faculty Contact Information