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Business Ethics Curriculum

The MSLB provides a comprehensive 36-credit curriculum that addresses ethical theory as well as application of ethics and leadership in the business environment. Special elective courses can be developed for specific cohorts. All courses are 3 credits. Courses are subject to change.

Designed by faculty in the John F. Donahue Graduate School of Business, the core courses enhance the individual's recognition of ethical issues at work or school, provide decision-making frameworks to resolve these ethical dilemmas, and encourage and support individuals to summon from within the moral courage to behave ethically.

  Business Ethics Core- 15 Credits
  • Business Ethics
  • Information Ethics
  • Organizational Ethics
  • Global Ethics
  • Ethics Elective - e.g., Ethics and Diversity
Leadership Core Curriculum - 15 Credits
  • Introduction to the Graduate Study of Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leading People and Managing Relationships
  • Legal Issues for Leaders or Human and Financial Resources (choose one)
  • Leadership Colloquium or Leadership Capstone
Electives - 6 Credits

Students may choose electives from courses offered in any graduate program in the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement. Six credits are transferable into the program from other graduate institutions following approval of the program director.


 Business Ethics Students