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This degree will prepare you to lead organizational change and to better understand how information technology interfaces with business processes.

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Information Technology

If you are interested in advancing your own technological skills, the Master of Science in Leadership, concentration in Information Technology (MSIT) can help you to realize your potential.

The MSIT program will enable students to:

  • Develop and refine critical thinking skills
  • Lead organizational change
  • Communicate effectively and persuasively
  • Assess information technology risk
  • Develop process and data modeling skills
  • Manage conflict and lead ethically
  • Interpret and explain analytics
  • Lead others and make decisions with ethical, technological, and analytical perspectives
  • Interpret and explain analysis

Do you remember the first time you sat down at a computer? Probably not, but you do remember being fascinated by your ability to interact with a tool that provides access to the larger world. You found yourself wondering how information and images were created and stored and how software could take bits of data and transform it into content that informs, persuades and helps people to make sound decisions. Beyond this, you knew you had the ability to leverage your passion and interest to help others get the most from technology. You strive to put the power of technology to work, solving problems and helping people to work smarter. That's why combining your leadership talents with your technological facility to pursue an accelerated online degree is the perfect match.

With the increased pace of technological change and growing organizational complexities, ensuring that information technology remains effective in enabling organizational success is a key leadership challenge. With the prevalence of technology use in the workspace, leading people to leverage the power of IT is increasingly important to an organization's success.

The MSIT's Pittsburgh IT training program covers topics that are important and relevant to employers and organizational success. A 2011 survey of CIOs (CIO Magazine) cited these "critical leadership skills in 2011":

  • Long-term strategic thinking and planning
  • Change leadership
  • Expertise running IT
  • Collaboration and influence
  • Team leadership

MSIT Core Competencies

Feedback from information technology leaders in a number of diverse organizations assisted in shaping this computer technology degree program. At its core, the program helps students to cultivate an ability to lead as well as to develop and refine critical-thinking abilities. The degree also emphasizes:

  • Leading organizational change
  • Communicating effectively and persuasively
  • Sharing knowledge with a peer learning network
  • Leading in the information age
  • Decision making from leadership, ethical, technological and analytical perspectives
  • Assessing information technology risk
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Process and data modeling
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving

For more information about Pittsburgh IT training from Duquesne and how to take your skills and potential to the next level, check out the MSIT program brochure below. Feel free to also contact the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement via email at

This Degree Prepares Graduates for Careers in:

  • IT Consultant
  • Technology Risk Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • IT Manager
  • IT Strategist
  • Cloud Architect
  • Computer Forensic Investigator
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Web Developer
  • IT Vendor Manager

"The program has definitely been a benefit to me. My knowledge of leadership has expanded greatly, and this has transformed me into a more effective leader with increased ability to recognize and groom the leadership skills in others. I would definitely recommend the program to others, and would tell them about the positive impact the program has had both in my professional and personal lives."

- Kevin Erdner, Senior Applications Analyst for West Penn Allegheny Health System

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.

- Bill Gates


As a student you'll have access to learning resources and support services including the Duquesne University Library, online writing center, and contact with faculty and advisors. You'll join a peer-learning network of people from the community and corporate, nonprofit, government and military sectors. As a graduate you'll join a network of more than 86,000 active alumni located around the globe.

The academic year is structured with three semesters per year: a 15-week term in fall and spring and an eight-week term in summer. If you take two courses for the fall, spring and summer semesters, the degree can be completed in two years. Courses are entirely online. Students in the Pittsburgh area can also take courses on campus on alternating Saturdays.


The comprehensive 36-credit curriculum addresses information technology from an organizational and management perspective as well as application of analysis and design techniques to deliver technology and leadership in the business environment.  Special elective courses can be developed for specific cohorts.   Six leadership and six IT courses comprise the degree


The MSIT is a result of the combined efforts of Duquesne University's School of Leadership and Professional Advancement and the John F. Donahue Graduate School of Business. The John F. Donahue Graduate School of Business is included among the one-third of all Schools of Business that are accredited by the AACSB International. Through the collaboration of these two schools, students benefit by learning from experts in the fields of information technology and leadership.