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    School of Leadership and Professional Advancement: Veteran Tuition Calculator

    The following website is designed for veterans interested in the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement (SLPA).  You will be able to enter the type of veteran benefit you will be receiving and determine approximately how much your out of pocket cost will be related to tuition and fees.  This cost does not reflect costs associated with books, supplies, room and board, and other related expenses you may incur based on your circumstances.

    Results of the Veteran Calculator are not guaranteed estimates.  These estimates do not represent a final determination of net price or actual awards; they are only based on cost of attendance and veteran benefits provided to students in a prior academic year.

    Future costs of attendance and financial aid resources are subject to change.  Any unreported outside/private scholarship or financial assistance may reduce financial aid resources.

    I have read the above and understand that the following calculations are estimates only.

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