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Leadership Breakfast

Unlock your Potential

Fill Your Professional Toolkit with the Building Blocks of Leadership!

2014 Leadership Breakfast Series

The Leadership Breakfast Series is an educational and networking event designed to inspire you to think about successful leadership. The series includes several leading-edge topics relevant to your professional and personal lives and is designed to enhance your skills as a leader, regardless of your role or position. Everyone has the power of influence and, as a leader, casts a shadow of impact among others. Through the interactive sessions, participants will acquire beneficial knowledge to become better leaders. 

See what you've been missing! Look through photos of past Leadership Breakfast Series events on our Flickr site.

Attend the series with your team to grow and develop together! Discounts available - email Linda Hirsh at for information.

  • Tuesday, May 13 - Identifying, Developing and Creating Tomorrow's Leaders Today: Leadership and Succession Planning
    Facilitator: Dr. Gerald Groves
  • Tuesday, June 10 - Implementing your Change Management Plan for Sustained Results
    Facilitator: Sonia Layne-Gartside
  • Tuesday, July 15 - Leader and Passion: Two Words That Will Flip Your World
    Facilitator: Frank Lehner
  • Tuesday, August 12 - Empowering Your Team: Recruiting, Retaining and Inspiring Women in the Workplace
    Panel Discussion
  • Tuesday, September 9 - Toxic Workplace Behavior: The Leader's Role for Resolution
    Facilitator: Dr. Mitch Nickols
  • Tuesday, October 7 - Let's Get Engaged!
    Facilitator: Jeff Tobe
  • Tuesday, November 4 - Successful Leadership - What Does It Take? A Candid Conversation with Leaders Around the Region
    Panel Discussion
  • Tuesday, December 2 - Emotional Intelligence: A Different Kind of Smart
    Co-Facilitators: Jane Patterson Abbate and Bill Abbate