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    Power of Leadership Program

    The Power of Leadership Program is designed to offer an increased level of development for those employees holding administrative professional, full-time positions at the University.

    Rather than focusing on rudimentary recitals of how-to guides, policies and procedures, the Power of Leadership Program offers the workshops in an interactive, developmental and thought-provoking format. Instructors will facilitate discussions that build leadership awareness and qualities within the participants.

    Through the various workshop sessions, the Power of Leadership Program will provide a more interactive learning and growth environment where you have the power of influence and tools to thrive within your role at the university.

    Participants will:

    • Increase their understanding of the Duquesne University mission and strategic plan and overarching goals as it pertains to leadership
    • Become empowered as leaders to advance their power of influence while casting a positive shadow to others
    • Become equipped with knowledge of how multicultural competence can benefit their leadership skills
    • Enhance their understanding of the legal and policy issues that relate to employees
    • Acquire leadership competencies and skills for added effectiveness
    • Gain awareness of how to cope with ongoing changes and stress-related areas, both personally and professionally
    • Learn new skills in coaching and motivating employees
    • Have opportunities for networking and engagement with other employees

    To enhance and sustain the Administrative Professional Workforce at Duquesne University in their professional growth through planned learning opportunities for leadership skills and peer networking, and in support of the University Mission and Strategic Goals.

    The program consists of seven comprehensive sessions, scheduled for three full days as a "mini-retreat", in an effort to introduce the learning experience in a sequential and experiential format. Sessions are designed to provide both practical knowledge and the leadership skill-building to create a positive working environment. The seven sessions are all offered within the Fall academic term. Enrollment in each session will be limited to 25 participants for each cohort. The program provides interactive, developmental and thought-provoking discussions that build leadership awareness and qualities within the participants. A certificate is issued upon completion of the program and participants must commit to attending all seven sessions.

    Session Makeup Guidelines

    The Power of Leadership Program will assist and enhance employees in new ways of thinking about achieving their goals in today's workplace. Successful leaders tend to cast a powerful shadow of influence with those in the workplace. All managers need to be "self-leaders," individuals who take the initiative and work productively with others to achieve organizational goals. For this reason leadership concepts should be at the core of each session. Further, individuals learn best when the concepts are integrated into their actual work experiences, inviting practical applications. The Power of Leadership Program is designed so that managers can "learn, practice and apply" their leadership skills - all in an effort to support the mission and strategic goals of the University.

    The fee for participants will be $250 per person and will include program materials, continental breakfast and lunch for each session. Employees must complete all seven sessions in order to receive a certificate.

    Please note: Banner Budget Account information is required to register for the program.