School of Leadership and Professional Advancement

705 Libermann Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Phone: 412.396.5600
Fax: 412.396.5072

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Associate to Bachelor

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Make yourself more marketable! You already have your associate's degree and in just a couple years, you could also have your bachelor's degree from Duquesne University, a school of distinction.

The School of Leadership and Professional Advancement recognizes that you have worked hard and accomplished a great deal. Did you know that you are half way there to earning your bachelor's degree at Duquesne University? Take the next step in your educational journey.

We accept 60 credits from any associates degree towards a bachelor's degree in:Photograph of two diplomas with words printed on them, one with words 'Associate's Degree', the other with words 'Bachelor's Degree'.

Not only do we completely recognize the investment you have already made towards your education and career goals, but also understand your busy schedule juggling work, family, and life responsibilities. Our programs are designed for students just like you!

We offer Flexible Programs to accommodate your busy schedule Online and/or Saturday.