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Humane Leadership Testimonials

Molly Stone, Raleigh, NC
Animal Behavior Specialist and a Co-Manager at the SPCA of Wake County, North Carolina

The Humane Leadership program seemed like it was designed just for me!   My favorite aspect of the program has been the specificity and the relevance of the courses themselves.  … I enjoyed the field-related material so much!  I was able to use it immediately in my professional life.  With that said, I also appreciated the diversity of the program.  I might never have taken some of the" non-animal welfare" classes that were required for the completion of the Humane Leadership program, and I loved finding out that I'm also interested in religion, and philosophy, and history.  Who knew?!  I was very impressed by the instructors.

I already hold my "dream job" at a large non-profit animal shelter in North Carolina, and I have no plans to leave that organization.  The material I learned in the Humane Leadership Program also made me a more valuable asset to my current organization.  I am better versed in fundraising, board of director selection and management, accounting, and even wildlife management!

I would definitely recommend the program.  …This particular combination of this type of information is not easy to find in a degree program elsewhere.  In fact, I have never heard of a Humane Leadership program offered anywhere else.  The better educated and equipped animal care and protection people are the more lives they can save.  The more lives they save, the more humane our communities become.  The more humane our communities become, the kinder our world becomes.

This program has benefited me by allowing me to pursue my degree in a field that I am very passionate about.  Online courses have been my savior!  With a young child, they have allowed me to finish my degree while also raising my child.  The classes are all very rewarding.

Maria Schmid

The professors have been AWESOME.  I was not sure what to expect when I first enrolled, as I had never taken online courses before.  I could not have been happier with any of the professors I have had throughout the program.  Each and every one of them has been extremely helpful and willing to take whatever extra time is needed to answer questions and/or to explain lessons further.  The professors have made all the difference throughout this program. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to advance in the industry.

Marie Schmid, Asheville, NC

Barbara AucklandBarbara Auckland- El Cajon, CA

Barbara currently works in a no-kill cat shelter as the Director of Shelter Operations I was seeking a second degree that was directed more towards the animal welfare field, and this was perfect! Being accredited and being a BS is important to me, as well as learning from a prestigious school like Duquesne.

Not having to get in my car and attend classes on ground was very convenient in obtaining this degree, and with my busy schedule, this was a blessing. I also enjoyed the flexibility of being able to study, write papers, and work online at my discretion and when the time was right for me.

I have been using my degree since the first day of the first course.  I liked the fact that the instructors are from real life careers they teach in. The curriculum is spot on with what I deal with in my day to day life as a director of an animal shelter, and I have learned so much that I can use every single day to the benefit of the animals, staff, and organization I work for.

Kristina Folsom- Silver Spring, MD

Kristina is currently employed with a small business consulting firm that works with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  She cites many reasons for enrolling in the Humane Leadership program.  Her top three:

  1. Because if I was going to make the decision to go back to school I wanted it to be in a topic that I was really passionate about
  2. Because the program contents and accelerated online format seemed doable in my already full time too full life
  3. Because it was very important to me to get a degree from a respected accredited university (my boss was very impressed and excited to hear I was going to Duquesne!)

Long before this program was being offered I was looking for this kind of program but it wasn't out there.  This program fills in a crucial hole in educational options that had previously existed.  I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in working in the humane industry, or even just an animal lover trying to find a degree program that feels worthwhile and personally enriching.  I have recommended this program to others.