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    Leadership skills are valuable in defining and executing successful strategies, personally or in teams, to meet your life and career objectives.

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    How Will You Benefit?

    When you earn your degree from the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement, you will have gained the relevant skills and knowledge you need to attain your goals. You will learn how to build winning teams that complete projects successfully, whether you have a formal leadership role or not.  Research and experience has shown that achieving your goals and completing projects successfully is the best way to get promoted and to build a proven track record. After earning one of our degrees, you will: 

    Leverage your strengths and use them in new ways to make you more productive

    Our core leadership courses help students get to know themselves and their strengths. Faculty builds on the skills and talents that students already have - resulting in greater confidence. 

    Inspire a shared vision among your team

    So much of what happens in organizations today is a product of group effort. Students gain skills that enable them to help team members navigate through conflict and communication difficulties to get the needed results.

    Encourage and support your team in summoning the moral courage to behave ethically  

    Moral courage and ethical conviction comprise a cornerstone of our curriculum and is a "Duquesne distinctive".

    Influence people and foster positive change regardless of your role in the organization

    We believe everyone can lead - that is, bring about positive change from wherever they are in the organization. 

    Communicate and collaborate effectively with people

    In the workplace, so much depends on communicating clearly, knowing your audience, and adapting your message to the needs of your audience.  Leaders take responsibility not just for sending a message, but for listening, and ensuring that their message is clear and fully understood.

    Introduce new ways of framing problems and finding solutions in your organization

    Through their course work, our students are given new perspectives on 'old' problems, and they gain tools to solve problems in innovative ways.

    Set goals and achieve results that lead to success for the organization and its stakeholders

    Leaders focus on others, not only themselves. They take responsibility for achieving real results that benefit others, while also honoring organizational commitments.

    Think strategically and develop winning strategies

    We constantly challenge students to address the 'big picture,' to make sure that what they do in their part of the organization advances the whole.

    Recognize the contributions of people, value team accomplishments and help others get ahead

    We believe being a considerate, caring human being is the first step on the road to "success" - living a life well-lived. This entails helping others grow, developing their talents, and celebrating their success. 

    Model the way

    The most powerful way to lead others is to lead by example.

    Effective Business Leadership Success

    Business Leadership InfographicManagement and leadership are key elements for the success of any business. Research shows that companies that invest in their leadership talent improve overall performance and better position themselves to outpace the competition. Unfortunately, many businesses are facing leadership shortages. The inability to hire adequate talent can drastically impact the efficiency, output, and morale of existing company staff. With more companies looking for leaders, students can make themselves more attractive to employers by studying leadership and management. Check out the Business Leadership Infographic to find out more about the state of business leadership in America and some of the benefits companies gain by hiring skilled managers onto their teams. For more information about leadership development and management training, contact Duquesne University's School of Leadership and Professional Advancement.  

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    "When the effective leader is finished with his work, the people say it happened naturally."   - Lao Tse