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NGO Bioethics Beyond Borders

Bioethics has emerged as a global area of research, teaching, public debate and policymaking. Global standards have been formulated by international organizations such as UNESCO and WHO. The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights unanimously adopted by the Member States of UNESCO presents a framework of global bioethics principles. The challenge now is to apply these principles in various contexts, cultures and practices around the world.

'Bioethics beyond Borders' is an NGO incorporated in Pennsylvania in April 2011. The organization will bring together bioethics experts from all over the world and get them involved with ethical issues especially in poor and low income countries.  BBB will identify cases, problems and issues that require bioethical expertise. BBB's experts will address these issues as they arise, and this can lead to public debate, professional responses, and, if necessary, remedial action as well as appropriate measures and policies.


*Disclaimer: Although the Secretariat of BBB is located at the Center for Healthcare Ethics, BBB is not affiliated with Duquesne University, nor an organization of Duquesne University.