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'Bioethics beyond Borders' will create an interactive global network of experts in bioethics. Through this network experts can enhance the impact of networking and cooperating in promoting and reinforcing the bioethics infrastructure in their countries.

BBB will be able to reach and impact those truly in need of bioethics advise and support but will not focus on fixing the problem for other countries, instead offer policy suggestions, potential resolutions, and ways to apply bioethics to current and future scenarios.

The first step is to create a global network of experts in bioethics throughout the world that are available to present issues and respond to them.  By engaging a diverse group of experts with different specialties and levels of experience, BBB will be able to best serve individuals and respond to situations in countries where there is a need for bioethical activity and infrastructure.  BBB will also advocate for individuals to have affordable, adequate, and just health care.  It is the vision of BBB to build bioethics capacity around the world for universal implementation and application of bioethical principles to ensure that all individuals are respected.