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Bioethics Beyond Borders has a team of experts from all over the world in order to address real issues. The global network will involve resource experts and associate experts.

  • BBB associate experts identify cases, problems and issues that require bioethical expertise and address them. Associate experts evaluate and monitor bioethics development in their countries and bring problematic cases to the attention of the organization so that the proper resource experts can be contacted.
  • BBB resource experts formulate responses to cases brought forward by associate experts ideally leading to public debate and potentially, if necessary, remedial action as well as appropriate measures and policies.

If you would like to apply to be either an associate expert, and bring issues and problems from your own country to the attention of BBB, or a resource expert available to comment on such issues, please fill out the appropriate application below.


Associate Expert Application

Resource Expert Application

* Disclaimer: BBB is not responsible for activities or action of experts who voluntarily cooperate in the network.