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Study Abroad Opportunities

Spring Break Away

What’s a Break Away course?

A Break Away course meets on-campus during the Spring semester AND includes a faculty- led study tour during the spring break. The course embeds international material into the academic fabric of a course. Since the study tour is integral to the academic course, all students enrolling in the course must commit to participating in and paying for the spring break study tour component (i.e. the Spring break travel is mandatory).


Course Format

Each course will meet on campus for a two-three hour class per week during the Spring semester. The early weeks of study preceding Spring Break will prepare you to take full advantage of your week at the international site. Upon return from Spring Break abroad, your studies will continue and include a project or paper based upon your international study experience.


Study Tour Format

The study tour will travel as a group under the guidance of your professor. All travel arrangements will be arranged and will include airfare, land transportation, hotels, site admissions, and many meals.


Course: THEA 304 Movement for the Stage: Semiotics for the Theater
This course will focus on the importance of voice and movement as crucial elements of theatrical structure and meaning; they hold the power to change the significance of words. Moreover, a great deal of theatrical content is communicated in the total absence of words. It would be truer to acknowledge that it is not just language but behavior that is being communicated in a performance. Apart from athletes, dancers, exercise physiologists and developmental psychologists, few of us have any need to be so cognitively aware of the movement aspects of our behavior. Rarely do we need to scrutinize how we accomplish everyday tasks or what varied choices we might have exercised. But a theater artist must think of how to convey these tasks, assign meaning to them, master the variations, and exercise discretion and creativity in the choosing.

Studies will be enriched by a spring break studying in collaboration with Pascal Guin, Artistic Director of Le Theatre Bleu, Riec-sur-Belon, France. Workshops will be conducted every morning and afternoon on various subjects. A workshop production of the student’s final project will be given before the French Minister of Culture who will also work with the students. Students will be billeted in private homes of the members of the Le Theatre Bleu while in France. The final evening will be spent in Paris attending a theater performance of the student’s choice.


None, but students must be at least a sophomore.



Mark Thompson (

John Lane (

Please contact John Lane for more information.


Study Abroad in Rome- Fall 2013

Why the Fall Semester is a Great Time for English and Creative Writing Majors:

Drs. Linda and Tom Kinnahan, English Department, will be in Rome as Visiting Professors. They will teach 2 extra courses of particular interest to English and Creative Writing students. Both courses count towards your major or minor! (But both courses are open to all students, no matter what their major.)


  • ENGL 301W: SPST: The Writer's Sketchbook: Creative Writing & Sketching in Rome
    Linda Kinnahan
    English Department

Core Area: Creative Arts
English Major: English Writing major requirement, or elective for Literary Studies or
Film Studies

This course explores the relationship between how we see and how we write. It will combine drawing and other visual media to observe "place" in ways that can enrich how our writing "sees" place, through different types of creative writing, travel writing, and documentary writing. Through compiling a semester-long sketchbook of writing, drawing, and possibly other visual media, we will work to employ the view of a traveler for whom the journey itself is compelling in understanding a relationship to unfamiliar and new places along that journey.
The course is does require any experience whatsoever in creative writing or drawing.


  • ENGL 306W: SPST: Food, Hunger, and Ethics in Contemporary Literature
    Tom Kinnahan
    English Department

Core Area: Social Justice
Elective for English Major

This course will explore issues related to food and social justice in contemporary literature, with an emphasis on non-fiction. Topics include the ethics of food production and consumption; economic disparities in access to food; the environmental impact of our food choices; the social implications of changing food ways among traditional ethnic communities; and the spiritual dimensions of our relationship with food. Featured writers include Barbara Kingsolver, Michael Pollan, Jonathan Safran Foer, Wendell Berry, and others.


In both courses, students will often be out in the city of Rome!

Don't let money hold you back!
$2500 Scholarships available
Deadline: February 1, 2013