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Talks and Workshops

The Latest Talks & Workshops

David R. Loy, Ph.D.
Personal, Social, and Ecological Transformation: Buddhist and Christian Perspectives
March 26-28, 2015

Ross Truscott, Ph.D.
Empathy and an Aesthetics of the post apartheid
April 24, 2015

Sheldon Solomon, Ph.D.
The worm at the Core: On the role of death in life
February 27, 2015

Michael Clemmns, Ph.D.
A Gestalt approach to the phenomenal world of addiction and recovery
January 25, 2014

Daniel Burston, Ph.D.
"Our imperiled age" A dialogue between Carl Jung and Karl Stern
November 15, 2013

Maurice Apprey, Ph.D., DM, FIPA
Representing, theorizing, and reconfiguring the concept of transgenerational haunting in order to facilitate healing
September 6, 2013

Sofia Borges, M.F.A. and Suzanne Barnard, Ph.D.
Collaboration, memory, futurity: Filmaking in Bairro Quinta Da Vitoria, Portugal
September 13, 2013

Cost effectiveness of Psychological Services read it here


Father David Smith

Memorial for Fr. David Smith-7-21-2011

Letter to Editor from Fr. Dave Smith December 21, 2010, Pittsburgh, Post Gazette


Therapy program brings together DU students and artists to help kids
Excerpt from the Spring 2014 DUQUESNE MAGAZINE



Amedeo Giorgi, Ph.D.
Phenomenological Philosophy as the basis of Human Scientific Psychology
---Interview with Dr. Giorgi, conducted by Dr. Jessie Goicoechea
---Public Lecture, December 6, 2013