Faculty like Dr. Sarah Miller help students understand the classical world.

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What is Classics?

The study of Classics is a unique discipline. It is not the study of language or literature alone. It is rather the investigation of two of the world's inspired civilizations, the Graeco-Roman world. It is one of the most varied of all subjects:

  • the study of ancient languages
  • the study of ancient literature
  • the study of ancient history
  • the study of ancient archaeology

Why Study Classics?

Our Program:
  • Prepares you to live better in the modern world through an increased knowledge and understanding of the classical world and its many legacies.
  • Offers you, as no other single discipline does, an exposure to the ancient classical society with insights into the problems and issues which continue to face us today.
  • Develops students who can demonstrate control of language, and analyze, process, and distill the data of broad human experience into personal action. This skill is appropriate for many different careers today.
  • Offers you experience in Classical Latin and Classical Greek, the literatures, the history and the archaeology, art, law, medicine, philosophy and politics of classical antiquity.

Undergraduate Programs

Visit the Classics Department to learn about our mission, faculty, clubs, events and resources.