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Digital Media Arts - Multimedia Concentration

Digital Media Arts Undergraduate Major - Multimedia Development Concentration

Multimedia is the skillful merging of computers, creative talent, some programming, asset management, the use of advanced software for the creation of digital sound, video, design principles and project management. The major focuses on new media, organization and display of information, and development of interactive applications. Students develop their creative and artistic talents, and also learn technical dimensions of multimedia development.

Students will be able to:

  • Edit digital photographs.
  • Create and manipulate images for a variety of platforms.
  • Create digital videos for web and mobile devices.
  • Create and design web sites.
  • Apply graphic design principles.
  • Create and manipulate digital sound.

Digital Media Arts Major - Multimedia (36 credits)

  • JMA 140 - Media Literacy*
  • JMA 260 - New Media Production*
  • JMA 465W - Media Ethics*
  • JMA 473 - Media Law and Regulation*
  • JMA 324 - Principles of Audio and Video
  • JMA 440 - Professional Development & Project Management
  • JMA 340W - Writing for Advertising and Copywriting
  • JMA 402 - Visual Design & Layout
  • JMA Elective Courses (12 Credits) Students will select electives after consultation with their department mentor.

*All majors in the Media department will take 12 credits of departmental core courses.