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Majors and Minors in English

The B.A. in English at Duquesne University provides an ideal way to acquire an outstanding education in the liberal arts. Literary study, composition, and research skills are the bedrock of academic and professional excellence. English majors develop a personalized course of study while concentrating in Literary Studies, Writing, or Film Studies.  Undergraduates can also participate in the Accelerated Master's Program.

If you are interested in learning English as a Second Language, please visit the ESL Department website.

Duquesne University offers several travel abroad opportunities, available to English majors.

What types of courses are offered?

The English Department offers a variety of exciting courses in literature, creative writing, and film studies.  Click here to see our latest course descriptions!

The English-Education major

English majors who are pursuing a dual degree in English and Education must:

• Take a course in World Literature beyond the 100 level (322W Survey of Global Literature or a 400-level course recommended)

• Take a course on the English language: 433 History and Structure of the English Language or a course on grammar or linguistics, when offered

• English-Education dual majors are strongly encouraged to take 317W Survey of British Literature I to fulfill one of their survey requirements

These additional requirements may be met partially by using electives, but one or two courses beyond the thirty-six hour minimum may be required to complete the English major.

Note to English-Education Majors:

Students who declared their major in Fall 2013 will be expected to complete the newly revised requirements for the English major. If you declared your major before Fall 2013 you may opt into the revised curriculum and transfer toward your degree the credits that you have already earned. Under the revised major, students have the freedom to take more electives and tailor their survey choices to better meet their needs and interests. Please contact your departmental mentor and talk to him or her before you enroll for Fall courses.

The English minor

REQUIRED: 15 credit hours (5 classes) in English, including:

ENGL 300W: Critical Issues in Literary Study

One 400-level literature course

Three elective English courses (one of which can be at the 100-level)

The Theater Arts major

The Theater Arts degree allows students to examine and experience the relationship between drama as literary artifact and drama as performance. Students are given technical instruction in the craft of presenting plays with particular emphasis on interpretation of drama and its place within culture. In addition to the intellectual abilities developed as in all liberal arts programs - flexibility of mind, clarity and precision in written and oral communication, and an ability to negotiate the often confusing world of human artifacts - students also benefit from work with the technical side of dramatic presentation.

Duquesne believes strongly in the liberal arts approach to studying Theater. This approach guarantees that students will have the broadest understanding of all aspects of Theater with a more intense knowledge of a specific field of study within the theatrical profession. Their education will prepare them for work in all areas of theater as well as a strong basis for further study at the graduate level. Skills learned through the pursuit of Theater are also strongly desired in the fields of Business, Marketing, Public Relations, Teaching and Law. MORE

The Theater Arts minor

CORE REQUIREMENT: 9 credit hours, including:

THEA 151: Introduction to Theater
THEA 210: History of Theater I (Ancient to Renaissance)
THEA 211: History of Theater II (Renaissance to Present)


6 credit hours selected from 300-400 level English Department courses that emphasize dramatic literature.

ELECTIVES: 6 credit hours, chosen from the following:

ENGL 203: Introduction to Drama

THEA 201: Acting I (2 credits)

THEA 301: Acting II (2 credits)

THEA 302: Acting III (2 credits)

THEA 303: Acting IV (2 credits)

THEA 305: Directing I

THEA 310: Technical Theater

THEA 405: Directing II

THEA 481/ENG 434W: Dramatic Criticism

ENGL 301W: Playwriting I

ENGL 400W: Playwriting II

THEA 496: Directed Studies (including practica in Theater Management, Technical Theater, and Performance

Dual Major Opportunities

The department offers special dual-major arrangements with the following programs:

English & Communications

English & History

English & Philosophy

English & Journalism

English & Media Management

English & Public Relations and Advertising

English & Education: Through a special dual degree program, students can obtain a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Education.

Accelerated Masters Program: Students with a 3.5 average can earn a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in English in five years.


For more information on these programs, please visit the English Department (637 College Hall) to pick up a brochure.

Student Opportunities

The Department offers many student opportunities in both English and Theater Arts, including:

  • Lexicon Magazine
  • Medieval and Renaissance Players
  • Pittsburgh Filmmakers
  • Red Masquers
  • Scholarships
  • Sigma Tau Delta
  • Study Abroad
  • Yearbook
  • Internships

For more information, please visit our Student Opportunities page.