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Literary Studies Concentration

Note to English Majors:

Students who declared their major in Fall 2013 will be expected to complete the newly revised requirements for the English major. If you declared your major before Fall 2013 you may opt into the revised curriculum and transfer toward your degree the credits that you have already earned. Under the revised major, students have the freedom to take more electives and tailor their survey choices to better meet their needs and interests. Please contact your departmental mentor and talk to him or her before you enroll for Fall courses.  Information on the old track can be found here.

Sample Four-Year Schedules for the English Major, Literary Studies Concentration

Major Requirements (New Track)

REQUIRED: 36 credit hours*

CORE REQUIREMENTS: 12 credit hours (4 classes), including:

ENGL 300W: Critical Issues in Literary Studies (Prerequisite for ALL 400-level English courses)

9 credit hours of 200/300-level English Survey courses

DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS: 15 credit hours (5 classes) at the 400-level, that fulfill the following distribution requirements:
  • pre-1700

  • 1700-1900

  • post-1900

  • diversity

ELECTIVES:  9 credit hours (3 classes) of English courses, with no more than two at the 100-level 
(UCOR 101 & 102 may not count as electives)


*A 400-level course may fulfill three distribution requirements.
**A Capstone Course will be offered once a year by invitation/application only and will fulfill a 400-level distribution requirement. 

The list of course descriptions issued each term by the English Department will indicate which course offerings may meet the above requirements.